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Ministry of Guilt Festival Update

We are very happy to announce that Ministry of Guilt, written and produced by Matthew Bartlett (Nothin or Double Films) and directed by Detsky Graffam (K17 Films) has been nominated for Best Short Film at Birmingham Film Festival and at the Winchester Short Film Festival.

Ministry of Guilt was awarded the Audience Award at the Isle of Man Film Festival by Mark Kermode and the took home the Best Production Design Award at the Portsmouth International Film Festival. We were nominated for Best Short Film at the Two Cliffs Film Festival, Ramsgate in October, Best Short Film finalist at the Rome International Film Festival, Georgia, USA, and for Best Comedy Short at The Smalls Film Festival in Hackney, London, both in September. We recently won the Best Narrative UK Short at the inaugural New Renaissance Film Festival, here in London.  Alex Beckett was awarded the Best Damn Actor Award at the Damn! Film Series in New York and Ministry of Guilt picked up the Best UK Short Film at the Anon Film Festival and at the DC Independent Film Festival.  Please take a look at our Facebook page or check Twitter for further news and updates!


Print Room at the Coronet: A Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur

The Tempest is the world in two hours.

Through some of his most beautiful poetry, the great playwright holds an unsparing mirror up to nature, giving us an extraordinary reflection of humanity: the growing pains of adolescence and late middle age; masters and servants; bullies with and without a conscience; and, our fear of loneliness and the future. The Tempest’s diagnosis of existence, of the problem of being in the world, feels as sharp today as it would have felt in 1608 when the play first appeared.

In his final masterpiece on the struggle to remain idealistic, Shakespeare leaves us with the hope that the younger generation can do better.

The Tempest | 21 Nov – 17 Dec

Production Trailer credits:

Directed and Edited by: Matthew Bartlett

DoP: Giles Cahalane

Sound:  Sam Nicklin